e.g. 重力轻轨、零点乐队.

【What’s achieved?】

Topics lists since 2017-08-15:

Your hobby

  • Playing video game

I love to play video game. I do not consider video game as electronic
drugs. Actually I believe it can improve my logical thinking and
interactive ability
because while playing, I have to thinking about
the optimum plan to win the game or reach the checkpoint
. What’s more,
I can also enjoy good music and fascinating story at the same time
because many games have amazing soundtrack as well as narrative plot
Therefore, I love to play video games and appreciate them as a kind of

  • Reading

I love reading. Because it enable me to explore a brand new world every
time I read a new book
. When I’m reading the book DISCWORLD written
by Terry Pratchett, I can’t stop imagining about the magic world the
characters live in. That’s the things that most enchant me– I can
experience life of others that are completely different from me
. What’s
more, reading can also broaden my horizon, I can learn basic
knowledge of many field through reading
. This offer great help while I
meet with new challenges in my own life. So…

★[see Appendix for picture] Passed the Tech-Assessment for Senior
level in spite of my title Software Engineer (without Senior). It means
not much. Maybe, it can only prove that I am having a wide knowledge
with solid basis. I know, this is only a Chinese style exam.

图片 1

A skill you want to learn

  • Painting or drawing comic

If I ever have a chance to learn a new skill, I would like to learn how
to draw comic or cartoon characters
. I was obsessed with comic book and
cartoons since I was a child. I particularly love to watch Japanese
comic and cartoon and I have been learning how to draw the cartoon
characters since primary school. But I know if I want to draw a more
vivid character I would have to study the structure of human body and
the division of light and shadow in a more systematic way. After that
I wish I can draw my own comic story and share it with others.
Therefore, I would like to have the skill of drawing cartoon characters.

★[see Appendix for picture] Joined the mandatory English training
called EBP, and won the first prize with our group. I can extend lots of
details, for teamwork for presentation. But, in short, thanks our group
members. And thanks my leader (real leader for work) for her silent
support. She just kept one eye on for my spending too much time on
non-business. And, we did it, to win the first place, in reward.


The job or career of your future

  • filmmaker

I want to be a filmmaker in my future. Actually I’m now striving for
this goal. This thought came from a hard time of mine. I can still
remember my hardship during high school. At the time, it’s film that
save me from desperate and release my pressure
. The film of Stanley
Kubrick are so critical and philosophical that aroused my reflection,
while the films of Wes Anderson are so warm and delightful that heal me
from my anxiety. From then on, I want to become a film director or
screenplay writer who can always tells a story which can satisfy and
comfort people.

★Played the important role for 3 Production Releases(deliver the code to
server). Though I am keen on development(coding), I am now mainly
working on deployment. In hesitate, I admitted such arrangement tacitly.
It is the situation of this company that you can learn more from
delivery than from coding. Anyway, just need to keep our heart studying
as we are still young.

1. Day 1: China and the world.
China is a port of world, she has long history, there are 1.3 billion
people live in China, also there are lots of beautiful places. For
example, Xi’an. I recommend you to go to Xi’an to see the city. Lots of
delicious foods like noodles you’ll love it, also lots of beautiful
views like Hua mountain one of WuYue you’ll like, also “Terracotta
Warriors” is good to see.
Also world need China. China can give power to growth world economic.

Favorite song/painting/poem/book

  • Song

My favorite song is a rock song of an Japanese rock bank call
, the name of the song is KAMISAMA which names the god in
English. The theme of the song is anti-war, hoping humans can be
sincere and honest to each other
. The song has a special historic
background since the band come from OKINAWA of Japan, where one of the
worst battle of War World II happened
. So the song teach us don’t look
back in anger but reflect our mistake and cherish today’s peaceful
. And through this song I have learnt to stay calm and rational
when the Nationalism rise
. Therefore the song KAMISAMA is my favorite.

  • Poem

My favorite poem is the poem in Macbeth written by SP. Because when I
first heard this poem I was watching the film call Birdman. The script
of Macbeth was spoke out from a drunkard when the hero of the film are
falling in to desperate
. I was amazed by the sadness and desperation
conveyed by the script and the shots of the film
. After that, when I
direct my own short film with my friend, I also add that part of
Macbeth scripts in my video to stress the misery tone of the plot
That’s the first time I was enchanted by poem and it left great
impression on me so it became my favorite poem.

  • Book

My favorite book is The HitchHiker’s Guide To the Galaxy written by
Douglas Adams. The reason I love this book is the remarkable English
humor inside the book which saved me from the anxiety and pressure of
my high school study. I was always amused by those funny and
imaginative description in the book
. What’s more, the book also taught
me never to stop being curious and keeping on study
. I used to hate
physics and mathematic and considered them as useless knowledge but I
changed my mind after I read this book. It taught me to respect
knowledge and do not satisfy of being a fool
. It’s really an
interesting and instructive book.

★Tried different kinds of games: FPS and RPG. Getting out from RTS game
WarCraft, I tried FPS-“Call of Duty 4” and RPG-“Dragon Age:Origin”. I
just wanted to make change to myself. And also, I learnt something from
them. From FPS, I learnt to aim enemy precisely and improved my sence of
“which direction are the bullets from”. From RPG, I learnt how to invest
my avatar according his talent (improve warrior mainly in strenth,
improve thief mainly in swift, improve mage mainly in magic, sth like
that). —-Yes… Guys, don’t laugh at me~ I know these are outdated
games already~ But you know that, if we want to play fation games, we
need to pay much to upgrade our PC hardware~

2. Day 2: Your experience that helping others.
Today I learnt “micro habit” from a double-0 7 classmate. I will share
you a link about it.
It’s not my experience that helping others, but others experience that
helped me.

The importance of aesthetic ability

  1. The society today are looking for people with holistic ability, so
    the aesthetic ability is also very important.
  2. Cultivating aesthetic ability enable student to have the basic
    understanding of beauty and art and help with the way their observe
    and understand the world.
  3. Cultivating Aesthetic ability can broaden their horizon and release
    their pressure from their daily work.

★Tech-reading: keep a reading habit for cnblogs, CSDN and iFanr. Here I
am, writing blog in cnblogs.

3. Day 3: Talk some details of about your habit
I think habit changed our life. For example, I have a habit that sleep
early, then I wake up early, so I have energy to do everything I want.
I like hot shower, not cold shower, even I think cold shower is better
to our health than cold.

Good qualities/characteristics

  • Honesty

I believe honesty is a crucial quality of people. We should always
attach great importance to honesty when we are making friends, looking
for partner or falling in love with others. Because I personally believe
that a healthy interrelationship between people must be based on
. A lack of trust will result in a lack of security and finally
lead to breaking up of a relationship
. Therefore, if one in the
relationship is dishonest, trust would be very hard to set up so the
relationship can be very unhealthy and fragile. The true companion
should always be frank and open to us
. Thus I believe honesty is a
crucial quality of people.

  • Kind hearted

I personally consider kind hearted as a significant quality of friends.
Because firstly, I don’t want my friend to be a reluctant people who I
can not tell whether he or she are really care about me
. But the most
important is the kind hearted of my friends may also inspire me to do
something good
. I remember when I was at junior high school. Me and my
friend saw a lame girl sitting on the bridge across the road, begging
for money. I felt sympathy for her but I was hesitating about giving
money since she maybe a liar. But my friend gave out her money without
hesitation since she believe it is the good will that really matter
Her belief deeply moved me and guided me through my life. Therefore…

  • inclusive

The most crucial quality of a friend, I concerned, is inclusive. Because
it’s easy to see that nobody want a friend who can not stand your
different opinion and always tell you what you should do
. The respect
and understand between friends make up the foundation of friendship
. In
order to achieve this you should first have a inclusive heart. I used
to be a person who like to impulse my ideas and values on others, which
made a friend of mine felt very uncomfortable and eventually decided to
keep distance from me
. Luckily he still told me the reason and gave me
some advice. I gradually understood his saying and determined to correct
myself. After I learnt this lesson I strongly believed that being
inclusive is the most crucial quality of a friend.

《李光定的突击》《大脑训练法》《圈子圈套》《心灵游戏》 and some other
not-that-famous books…

4. Day 4: What’s your dream of learning English?
My dream that learning English is someday I can go to USA to see Michael
Jordan who let me love basketball. I have played basketball about 22
years. It’s my biggest interesting.
Also I think my goal of learning English is just use to communicate with

Memorable event/celebration

  • Something In Blue premiere

A memorable event that ever happened in my life must be the premiere of
the movie Something In Blue in Beijing, 2016. Because it’s the first
time I witness a premiere of a movie
and it’s also the first movie
about my beloved hometown–Canton
. It was set up, shoot and produced in
Canton. And all of the character speak Cantonese in the movie. On that
big screen I can see those place I familiar with since I was a little
kid. I almost burst into tears while watching because of homesick
while watching the movie. After screening the director shown up and
talked a lot about this movie. He is also a Cantonese. I could feel his
passion and love for filmmaking and Canton
during his introduction. I
love the movie so much and this is the most memorable event in my life.

  • Qingming Festival/the tomb-sweeping day

Qingming festival, which is also known as the tomb-sweeping day, is a
very important event in China. We Chinese people attach great
importance to our ancestor and our tradition ceremony of honoring them
On Qingming festival, we will go back to our hometown where our
ancestor was buried and sweep the tomb for them. We will burn the
in front of their gravestone and report our life to them. We
believe that this may comfort their soul in heaven and we then ask for
their bless
. The significance of Qingming are not just about
memorizing our ancestor but also reunite the family members and
strengthen the relationship between the big family
. We feel out heart
being intimately connected and this may help us to overcome
difficulties together during hardship
. So the Qingming festival is a
unique and important event for us.

  • The 2010 Guangzhou Asian Sports Game
  1. Saw the splendid firework during the opening ceremony from the roof
    top of my house.
  2. Witness the China women volleyball team won the gold medal in an
    exciting game against South Korea team.
  3. Be moved by the passion and joyful atmosphere in Guangzhou as the
    host of the Asian game.
  • Barbecue in childhood
  1. Go with my friend/classmate and math teacher
  2. ate many delicious food
  3. enjoy the sweet dessert made by teacher
  4. have a very happy night
  5. release our pressure after examx3

★Others: [tour]: went to ShangHai and took some photos… [surgery]:
remove my impacted-wisdom-teeth… Well, I can write a guide for that.
Lacking strategy, it took me the whole afternoon for queueing and
waiting… and… 300RMB for each tooth… no comment to the politics…

Also today I learnt we should a dream there as our long term goal for
learning English.
We should have a short term goal like can hear English from others.
Also we should have a everyday term like speak English.


  • Prefer team work or work alone?

For me, I prefer to work alone. There are mainly 3 reasons for my
choice. The first is that when working alone, especially on a specific
project, I’ll be able to arrange my time freely since I don’t need to
fit with others’ schedule. The second reason is that I’m a person who
will stick to my own understand and conception towards the work or
project and is more likely to make decision by myself. Working alone
empower me more rights to make my own decision. Most importantly,
working alone means I have to finish every aspect of the work on my own
so through this process I may learn many new skills that I cannot learn
in teamwork
. Therefore I prefer to work alone than working in a team.

  • Want to be the leader or follower?

From my perspective, I want to be the follower of a team. Because
firstly, a leader of team should always consider opinions of all
members in the team and make a decision that can be accepted by all
But I’m the kind of person who deeply believe in my own judgement and
are relatively hard to changed by others, so the decision I make may
be not very acceptable to everyone in the team. What’s more, while
making decision, the leader make take a risk be mainly responsible for
the outcome
. I’m not dare to take risk and the responsibility may make
me feel stressful. In contrast, being a follower enable me to
concentrate on my specific work and do my best
. Therefore I want to be
the follower of the team.


5. Day 5: education.
I think education is important to us. Through education we can get
knowledge, skills, thinking to get our life better.
Also education is important to our country, it makes China stronger.
Education is import to the world, it makes the world better.
Also it is important to human, let human improve.

Things you are afraid of/cannot overcome/regret

  • Afraid of uncertainty
  1. I have to arrange all my routes and journey before trip to ensure
    that I will not get lost and be exposed to danger in a unfamiliar
  2. I must write down my schedule on my diary book to avoid too much
    uncertainty since I’m afraid I will lose motivation and go on a
    wrong direction of my life.
  3. The uncertainty will make it hard for me to believe in other’s
    promises and break the relationship of us.

【What should have done?】

6. Day 6: recommend a movie.
I recommend 《Shawshank redemption》to you. The main characters Andy
entered into Shawshank because murder his wife, even he didn’t murder
his wife and her lover. He lived in the prison about 19 years, but he
never give his dream and hope. Not like Brooks, Red a friend of him. In
the prison he help lots of cellmates, get them study new

The feature of my hometown

  1. delicious food, dim sum, various kinds of dessert, eat fresh and eat
  2. humid weather, typhoon, rainy, warm, flower can be seen the whole
  3. Unique dialect–Cantonese, both modern and traditional, people are
    inclusive and open
  4. economy mainly depend on light industry, especially textile.
  5. Closed to HongKong and Macaw, have a river cross the city and neat
    to the estuary

★Some professional books… You know, it’s hard to get start…

Get busy living, or get busy dying, he take his hope finally broke
prison to go to Pacific Ocean to live happily with Red who believed hope
by Andy.

★I once made up my mind to study cooking… but… you know… nothing

7. Start your business. (创业)
It’s a hot topic recently. I think if we want to start our business we
should have economic base, have friends, have other resources. Some days
before I heard a big VIP said we can start our business with our
classmates, colleagues, hometown people and friends.

★not much… seems I don’t have special goal for 2012…

I think the first area we can start our business is the area we familiar
with. The second area we can start is related to our familiar. The third
area is do something others didn’t thought, but most of things you
thought, others also. And also we can start our business from our work.
we can because a CEO, COO, CXO of ourselves.


8. What’s your favorite thing in your spare time?

【What’s the goal for the new year?】 

I like reading and traveling because I can meet the different thing
and people.

I like playing badminton(羽毛球). On the one hand, it can make my body
strong, and on the other hand, it can keep me fit and it’s important
to me. I like it.

I like Kongfu.

[3]★Clear the bookcase!
《PMP考试指南》《创办实业论语》《漫步华尔街》《外甥兵法与八十九计》 @_@

My favorite thing in my spare time is to play basketball. Michael Jordan
get me loved basketball. At the weekend, I always spend some hours to
play basketball. It make me happy, also I can see all my basketball
friends and other new guys like playing basketball.

[2]★Improvement at work.

9 Why you learn English? (2017-08-25)
I think just because I wanna communicate with other guys!
Using english, you can speak to others.
Using english, you can read english books.
Using english, you can write english to communicate with others who
write english.
Using english, you can know others who speak english.
So I learn english.

[1]★Write a complete application independently, and it should be

10. If you are a team leader, how you get team works better please?

[4]★Do some investment if possible.

From Mark:


  1. First for myself: I think I should join some professional training
    to get the knowledge of leadship.
  2. Second for the team I have three things to do:
    . First, make a very clear target and it should be meet the
    requirements of SMART.
    . The second to build a platform to help every member to archive
    his or her performance.
    . Third, encourage our team members when they meet trouble and
    provide necessary resource in need.
    Give a people suitable position and role, and it can make the team
    more efficiently.
    Don’t let team member can not make decision.
    The big difference between team leader and the team member:
    the team leader should try to let team members do things
    themselves, but NOT himself, even the leader know how to do that.


From Minal:

The only thing I can show off… >_<

Make use of everybody’s advantages.
Encourage them to make your source abilities
The feature of the team, which goals we should archive, also to know
all the members in the team.
Encourage my team members to go outside to contact with many people
and experts in our field.
Team members can learn from leader.

图片 2

From Qiu:

图片 3

Let team members admire the leader, the leader should be a idol of
team members like XiaoLai Lee.
Improve leader’s skills.
Take care of team member.
If you are a team member you can learn from your team leader. If the
leader is right, learn from it, if he is wrong, also learn to avoiding
his wrong thing.

In my opinion I think:

  1. Firstly we should have a clear goal.
  2. Secondly, we should have a rule to manager our team.
  3. Third, we should have a plan or schedule to archive our goal, and
    let every one know it.
  4. Trust our team member.
  5. Encourage our team member to get the goal done by get them
    necessary resources.
  6. Give team member space to make decision and innovation.
  7. Closely communicate with each team member.
  8. Make use of everybody advantage.
  9. Frequently check if we at the right direction, and make some
    changes to let we are in the right way.

11. How to make a perfect public speaking? (2017-08-27)
I have three points.
The first you should have a prepare for your public speaking.
The second you should have make a practice frequently.
The third you should make your speaking a clear point.

From Samny:
Tell the audience the key thoughts.
Tell the reason of the key thoughts, give some examples of it.
Inspire audience and also make them laugh by saying some humor story.
From Minal:
Know your audience.
Can start your speaking with a story.

From mark:
Clear point.
make your speaking humor & interesting.

11. Love (2017-08-28)
I think love is the best and wonderful thing in the world.
Whatever we do anything, for example, we work, we study, we any other
things all because love.
You may work in a company or some place, you earn money for your family,
it caused love.
If you are a student, you study hard to grow up yourself, it’s always
because you love your family, you love your parents.
If you do some housework, you always because you want to your family
you want make some food for your family to eat.
If without love, I can’t think the world will be become.
So I think love is the amazing thing in the world, it make ourselves,
our family and our country better.
At last I wish you guys have a good Valentine’s day.
Thank you very much.

12. How to improve your English if you want to learn oral English?

I think we can use some app to help us, e.g. 百日斩…
Also we can say something everyday just like in 007 english corner.

13. “did you buy a drawing from ‘The gallery of children’ yesterday
?What’s your opinion about this phenomenon?” (2017-08-30)

I don’t know what’s drawing of “the gallery of children”, but when I
heard from Minal I think it is a kind of love like the topic we said
before. From it, can see Tencent is a valuable company, and valuable we
or our family or friends to work in.

14. What’s your favorite song? How long can you listen to it? again
and again. Has it a story behind the song? (2017-08-31)

My favorite song is 《Miracle》from Celine Dion. She sang the song
caused her baby just was born. Every I heard this song I cry.

Also I like some songs from Beyond, e.g.
Also I like some songs from 杰克y Cheung, like
Also like some songs from 周华健、张雨生、韩红、崔健.
Also like some songs from music team, e.g. 引力高铁、零点乐队.
I never forget that when we need left school, we sang some songs
together with crying.
I think music is also the best and wonderful thing like love in the

15. How to read a book? (2017-09-01)
I think we should see the preface and outline of a book to see if the
book is what we want.
If the book is a tool book, we just find the contents we interest in. If
the book relevant to our area we should read it step by step.
We need write the key ideas on our notebook when reading, and also make
some flags on the book for next reading.
Typically we need have a knowledge framework to get new knowledge hung
on to. Just like Elon Musk said:

I think most people can learn more than they think they can, they sell
themselves short without trying. One bit of advantage: It’s important to
view knowledge as a sort of semantic tree. Make sure you understand the
fundamental principle, e.g. the trunk and the branches, before you get
the details/leaves, or there is nothing for them to hung on to.
We also can use barbell rule to read some other book to get serendipity.
After write your ideas get from reading, you can share it to your
friends using WeChat Official Account or JianShu, then you can get more
friends and links from them, they will also give you more thoughts to
rich your ideas.

So book is a great thing to let we happy and make life great!

16. Talk about your opinion of the word confidence ( 2017-09-02 )
We can get a thing done, so we do the second thing done, get the third
thing done… Use this method we can get our confidence.

Even we do some thing failed, we can also learn from it, then next time
we can get thing done and create our confidence.

Just like Mark said, you can speak english LOUDLY like LiYang said in
《crazy english》, then your can also can get your confidence.

You must remember that a thing you did great, you can forget it, then
use the same method of that thing, then you can do other thing well by
your confidence.

17. Your habits.(2017-09-03)
I’m trying to finish everyday oral english at the morning. And also try
to sleep early everyday night.

But now my attention gets split and involved in something, so I can’t
sleep early, I need try to change myself to get sleeping early everyday.

18. Recommend a book. ( 2017-09-04)
I recommend “Poor Charlie’s almanack” to you. It’s a book related to
investment of Charlie Thomas Munger. The book has two parts, the first
part is Munger’s private books and the second part is three public
speech of Munger. It works published by CITIC press group.

The books name in english is “The Wit and wisdom of Charles T. Munger”

Qiu: 晨间日记本的突发性 – The miracle of morning diary.

Sunny: Family Album United StatesA (走遍美利坚同盟军)

Mark: Four famous Chinese Novels. Especial 《The Dream of the Red

19. How to be a excellent worker? (2017-09-05)
First you need love your work, so you will do your best to do the
We need learn knowledge and skills for our work.
We can think we work for ourselves, just not work for your boss, in the
work, we can get money, get growth, and also we can make friends with
our colleagues.
As you know, by work you can make life better and happy.

20. what kind of person will you want to be after server years? ( 7
years is one life) (2017-09-06)

I wanna be a rich man on life and leadership.
If I can make my leadship better, I can do more things with some guys
together, when we get the things done, we will ALL happy and more trust
each other, so can further do more things well.
If I can rich on life, my family, me will be easy to do other things
interested on, also will be more freely to choice what things to do, so
we can life more freedom.

21. How to arrange your energy? (2017-09-07)
I agree with Mark that, we have limited energy. So we need arrange it to
the most important things. The most important thing to me I think is
health. Base on that we can do other things well. We can spend enough
time to have good sleep, have some exercise, and have good foods to make
us health. Everyday we can write the important things to do on our
notebook, so we split our energy on them. With it, step by step, we can
get our things done, and so time by time, we can get our goals archived.

22. What will you plan to do on national day? (2017-09-08)
I will go back home to see my family, see my wife and daughter. I have
not been see them for about two months.
Many people in 007 group will go to XinJiang to travel. But I should say
that we should go to see beautiful place before or later than the common
leisure time. Because in China, we all have same common leisure time, so
it’s a bad idea to go out at the common leisure time.

23. What are you going to do to relieve and enjoy yourself when you
are under enormous pressure or feel depressed? (2017-09-09)

I think we can do the thing let us happy. For example, eat some
delicious foods, listen some wonderful music or songs, or do exercise
like playing basketball.
When I am tried or under express, I always like some great music, i.e.
Celine Dion’s songs. For example, 《My heart will go
on》、《Miracle》etc… Or I will eat some delicious foods like Apple,
bananas, milk. Also sometimes I play basketball with friends or other
guys, when I playing it, I forget everything but ONLY basketball, after
that I relaxed myself.

So the key to make us relax is to translate our attention to other
things we love.

24.which season do you like best?why? this is us topic.

I like Spring most. Because in Spring, everything begin to growth. And
also we make our new hope in this season.
The second I like Autumn, because we get our result in this season.
Not like Winter, we can go out to do more exercise, work, playing
basketball, or do other things. Also in Summer is too hot to do things.

Even so, It’s good there are four seasons, so we can compare with them
each other, and know why I like Spring. I have not been to South China,
I wonder If some time I go to South China, I wanna go to KunMing for
some days to see the difference of Spring between North China and South
China. I can imagine that I will like Winter in North China, because we
have more time stay together in a warm family house, it’s best thing of

25. If you have enough money, what will you like to

If I have enough money, firstly I will save a part of them to bank.
Second, I’ll buy something needed. Third, I’ll take a part of them to do

26. Memories of childhood?(2017-09-12)
I have very happy childhood. Always after school, I’ll play card with my
students and little friends, also play some other stuff or games
everyday. I liked to play arcade games like 《street fight》, 《KOF》,
《处置处罚者》、《圆桌武士》、《三国志》、《快打旋风》、《雷电》etc. around
100 games.

27. Some people prefer to live in a small town. Others prefer to live
in a big city. which place would you prefer to live in? and

I have no idea what’s the best choice to live in big or small city.
In big city, there are more opportunities in big city to work, but
everything need a price, also there are most cost & pressure in big
city, also there are good education and more medical care in big city.
In small city, we have more leisure time, but have no better job without
high pressure and earning money.
So maybe the balance choice is to chose a capital city of a province to
work and life.

28. fear( 2017-09-14)
Bruce Lee said:

I fear no the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear
the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.

I fear we fear to face something, some times we fear lost something, so
I do some others things to avoid it. For example, if I fear no food to
eat, I will buy it. If I fear I will forget the thing, I will try to
remember it. Fearing is not always the bad thing. There are something
you can’t change, just leave it as it is. And something you can change
it, so you change it. I think it is good ideas. Also we should pay
attention to the import thing and you will forget the fear things.

29. What’s your opinion on the case: that 逼死创办实业者 ( 2017-09-15)
I think we should avoid to see the details of the kind of news. We
should pay more attention to the good things, and also learn from this
kind of things, also do the good things.
There are good things and bad things, we should focus on the good
things, and let the bad things become to good things.

30. What’s the most deeply impression thing to you? ( 2017-09-16 )
I can remember when I first come to Beijing to learn oral english by
teacher WangQiang. I can hear nothing from him, at the moment I fear I
will almost give up, and that time a friend from ShanDong told me: you
should try to listen for 3 days, if you find you can’t do it, then you
can give up and go back home, OK? So I did let him said. At last I hear
all the classes from WangQiang about 2 weeks. I found I can do it even I
also know nothing about the contents from teacher. The my great friend
taught me what’s the insistence and what’s courage.
Even this thing already past 16 years, it is always in my mind. It is
one of the most deeply impression thing to me.

31. If you haven’t been married, which kind of child do you like? Boy
or girl, why? For people married, do you want one more child?

I think boy and girl are also our child, so it is OK. Not only girl, but
also boy, we will love them. We should look boy and girl fair, but not
unfair. For our world, and for our country, the environment has changed,
so it’s fair to see boys and girls. I have a daughter, if my economic
base is OK, I will have one more child. I think if economic base is OK,
and health is also OK, I will have one more child.

32. The right gift for the mid-August Festival?(2017-09-18)
I think the best gift is one you give by your heart, regardless the gift
it is.

33. Introduce yourself in English or which city do you like to live in

I am Albert Jin, I like playing basketball, I like music, and cartoon.
I have played basketball next year will be 20 years. It makes me happy
and have energy and health.
I listen some music when I feel tried and sad, it make me relax and
happy. The year I have listen music is bigger than 30 years.
Also I look the cartoon almost 30 years.

I love Xi’an best. I have traveled to the city for about 5 years, I can
also remember the noodles, the cultures and the peoples there, I can not
forget. Also the economic there is also very good. I wonder if someday I
can live there.

34. Do you like music? Can you recommend your favorite singer or song?
Or what kind of story touch your heart?(2017-09-20)

I love music, it’s same as love that is the wonderful and amazing thing
in the world.
Even you have bad feelings or you are in blue, after your listen the
music you can be better and you are now yourself. I like some singers,
for example, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Jacky
HuaJian Zhou, Beyond etc… I like the song 《米拉cle》from 瓦伦蒂诺 Dion,
《When you believe》from Whitney 休斯敦/Mariah 凯里,
《真的爱您》《光辉日子》from Beyond and some others.

35. Did you do some pretty layman(外行) things in your childhood? Or
tell us you family(present and past)(2017-09-21)

From Skylar:

You know what one-child policy is, I’m the first born in my family. My
mom told me that if you wanted to protect the unborn baby, you needed
to hide him. Let’s to back to the year that I was 11, my little sister
was born. One day only my sister and I were at home, a man who is my
father’s friend came, I didn’t want him to know that I had a sister so
I hid my sister, then told him I couldn’t open the door and asked him
to go away. At the moment my sister was crying, and I couldn’t take
care of her, I couldn’t make him heard it. What should I do? All of a
sudden, I shouted at the top of my voice to cover my sister’s sounds
until he left.

36.You can use simple words describe what you are like now, thank

For now I like speak English in this group, but not only I want, but
also you guys in the group. I think it is too later, I’ll forget to talk
this topic. For now I’d listen some music and I want just talk about
your topic tomorrow. We should cherish our life and family.

37.You can use simple words describe what you are like now, thank

I feel tried now, I need go to sleep. But I forget English topic to
speak, what I am like now, maybe I need improve my work, my English,
improve myself and some other areas. For life, I think I need more
money, for work, I need improve my skills and abilities, for English, I
think improve my oral English, reading of English, listening of English,
writing of English. And for all of things, I think I need improve my
So I think I should do some exercise like play basketball or running.

38 No topic today(2017-09-24)
No topic. I need speak some about in English, because I don’t want to
break our rules in this group. I have sent two voice in English, so I do
not break our rules.

39. What’s your opinion about the event: the pregnant woman who killed
herself and her unborn child?(2017-09-25)

I think we should give Ms. Ma more rights to make her decide herself.
Always we do a decision by ourselves, not others. So we should give the
rights to Ms. Ma.
Ms. Ma should have the rights to decide to natural delivery the baby or
cesarean section(剖腹产).

And on the other side, I think communication is important things to
avoid this tragedy(悲剧). More communications, more rights. By
communication, we can avoid lots of bad thing to occur.

40. How you think about the power of gratitude please?(2017-09-26)
I think if you give gratitude to the world, to the guys, the guys and
the world will give you the same gratitude. It just like XiaoLai Lee
teacher said.
If you give gratitude to your partner playing basketball, your partner
also will give you the gratitude.
I feel very lucky to see and speak oral English with you guys in this
group, and learn lots of things from you guys, so I hope I can help you
guys with my ideas and thinking. I wanna gratify you guys by give you
guys more gratitude.

41. What’s your opinion for learning English from songs, can you
recommend one good song?(2017-09-27)

I think it’s a good idea to learn English from songs. It make us to know
how to say some thing naturally by simple words and sentences. Also we
can learn rhyme(节奏、韵律) from the songs.
The song I recommend is 《miracle》from Celine Dion.

42. Say some food you like(2017-09-28)
I like the rice with green onion my mom make for me, as you know the
food is very simple, but it is delicious for me. Also I like the round
flat cake with some eggs and green onion, it is also very simple food to
make, but I like it most. I also like the food made by my mom which is
round flat cake with potato. It’s also simple but like most.

43. What’s the most impressive thing happened during your

The most impressive thing when I traveling is the travelers who even
tired, but also go on to next space to see the beautiful views, not like
me that tired I always stay at the room to have a break or sleep! It is
incredible. I wonder how they make it?! Maybe I think I need do more
exercise to make me more health.

44. What’s your National Day plan?(2017-09-30)
My plan is go back home to see my family, my wife and my daughter.
I don’t think it is good ideas to travel at common leisure time.
But you guys if have plan to travel is also great. Wish you guys have a
wonderful National Day.

45. Have a break on National Day!(2017-10-01)

46. How about your goals for this year? Did you achieve

I feel I can not achieve my goals on work, life, English. I need study
English more in oral, writing, reading, listening, speaking.
On work, I need earn more money and study more skills.

47. Say something about the song 《How long will I love you?》 Sunny
sent to us?(2017-10-03)

I think this song is very simple but meaningful. I recommend you guys to
listen this song and say something about this song, or maybe you can try
to sing this song.
Now I write the words of this song:

How long will I love you.
As long as starts are above you.
And longer if I can.
How long will I need you.
As long as the seasons need to
follow their plan
how long will I be with you
as long as the sea is bound to
wash upon the sand
how long will I want you
as long as you want me to
and longer by far
how long will I hold you
as long as your father told you
as long as you are
how long will I give to you
as long as I live through you
however long you say
how long will I love you
as long as starts are above you
and longer if I may
and longer if I may.

48. What did you do in these three days? Do you like traveling on
vacations like the National Day? (2017-10-04)

During these three days I just stay home with my family and also go to
see my father and mother in law. Also dialed a phone to my father and
When eating with my farther and mother in law, I felt great, and had the
same feelings when dialing the phone to my farther and mother.
It was a great day.

49. What do you think is the most effective way to learn English?

I think the most effective way to learn english is using it every
Just use it.

50. How to get more guys join us to insist to use English in this
group? How to make everyone use English in this group every

I think we can try to invite other guys go into the group, and just like
Sunny and Mark said, we should do the best of ourselves to have a
influence on other guys’ practicing english daily.

51. If you could be back to before, which period you want?

I think the most period I want to back is childhood, because only two
things need to do. First is studying, the second is playing.

52. Do you like moon cakes? Which fillings are your favorite?

In my childhood I like moon cake very much, but recent years I did
I like the moon cake with salt. I think every moon cake if it is made
with salt, I can eat it, but I do not like to eat the sweet cake.
Also just like Mark said, the moon cake can let us remember some guys we
like and need cherish.

53. How do you speed your national holiday?(2017-10-09)
In the 8 days, I just stay home with my family, and went to a small
garden play with my wife & daughter. Also I went to see and had a lunch
with my farther and mother in law, and dialed a phone to my parents. On
the other time, I just had a break and read a book.

54. We can talk about breakfast or dinner, you can send a

Sometimes I eat millet gruel and steamed stuffed bun(包子) with
pickles(咸菜). Sometimes not, only millet gruel(小米粥), or millet gruel
and steamed bun with Laoganma chili sauce(辣椒酱). I think it is
Hope you guys sharing your breakfast and maybe you can send a pictures
of your breakfast.

55. Guess what this is? If you know, please tell us about it. Thank
or What’s your favorite topic lately? What have you got? Look
forward to your wonderful sharing!(2017-10-11: from Sunny)

from Zophia:

My favorite topic is relationship, I want to change my eyesight.
Love “The Autumn in Jilin, northeastern China” picture from Mina

图片 4

Jilin Autumn: from **Mina**

I don’t know the cocoon(茧) if Mina didn’t say it is cocoon. I also
haven’t know it can eat!

图片 5

cocoon: pictures from **Sunny**

图片 6

cocoon: pictures from **Sunny**

图片 7

cocoon: pictures from **Sunny**

图片 8

cocoon: pictures from **Sunny**

For recently I like the topic of food. Because I don’t know anything of
food, but “photo”, “tomato”, “noodle”, “rice”, “vegetables”. Also I
learnt some words from Mina, for example “Laoganmo Chili
sauce”(李锦记海鲜酱), “longan”(石圆), “steamed stuffed bun”(包子),
“steamed bun”(馒头). I also learned a food named “millet gruel”(Samsung粥),
“pig ears”(苍耳子朵) and “salted vegetables or pickle”(梅菜).

图片 9

pig ears: from Edgar

图片 10

launch from **Mina**

56. If you are so lazy, if you don’t want to do anything, what would
you do to overcome it? Look forward to your sharing!(2017-10-12: from

Also Sunny shared us a song named 《 Someone like you》from
And Mina gave us another one named 《 Sound of silence 》from Paul

If I feel lazy to do something, I think I should do 3 things to finish
The first one, give the meaningful to the thing I want to do, and we can
also think the bad effect if we can not finish the thing we want do.
The second, I tell myself that I must do it.
The third, I give a deadline to the thing I want to do.
For example, I speak English in this group, I think I must finish it in
20 minutes, so if there is a topic, I will do it quickly.

57. What’s you favorite movie? Why you like it?(2017-10-13)
I like <<Shawshank redemption>>. Because I like Andy, and
his ideas and actions. He helped himself and Red, and other lots of guys
to study and improve. He made Red believe hope is NOT the dangerous
thing, it is the best thing in our life. With hope, our life and
ourselves will become great! I like Andy and Red very much. Also I found
I can learn lots of native English from the movie.